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Hi and welcome to my channel! This channel mainly focus on my own Lego creations and models . If you choose to subscribe (which I think you should) prepare yourself for a mix of: -MOCs, which means models that I´ve designed by myself, mostly re-creations of real life excisting trucks, cars, supercars, construction equipments and so on. -Building tutorials, which means tutorials of primarily different vehicle related components. Like gearboxes, axles, suspension systems and so on. -Challenges, primarily between two similar Lego sets, for example two motorcycles. -special videos, which means the video is special. and that means it can be about everything that i consider is special. My favorite brands(to re-create models out of) is Volvo, Chevrolet and Ford. Al thought other brands will definitely show up from time to time! My goal is to upload a new video every week, though you should be aware of that I prioritize quality before quantity. :)


Dgustafsson13 är en svensk youtuber.

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För närvarande har Dgustafsson13 cirka has approx. 27730 Youtube-subscribers och rankas som 452. på den svenska youtuber-rankningen, baserat på antalet totala subscribers per kanal och han tillhör topp 51%. Kanalen har totalt 72 videor och 7886193 visningar.


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452. 10/22 27730
455. 10/21 27729
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385. 10/22 7886193
386. 10/21 7884887

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