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The world is too damn serious. This is the Kilian Experience. Comedic game reviews that makes you think about the meaning of life. Home of the Garbage Review PC spex CPU: I have Intel core. It says so on computer Motherboard: Well yesterday I slept with your motherboard. Haha it just a joke. Please do not take offence GPU: I don't think so. I heard they give you viruses RAM: So far I've downloaded 123 GB so I have enough Computer case: I don't have one because I usually don't carry my compute around Hard drive: I have two! I have a C hard drive and a D hard drive Power supply: It has a steam engine and runs on coal Microphone: I use the one that came with the laptop


Kilian Experience är en svensk youtuber.

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För närvarande har Kilian Experience cirka has approx. 574885 Youtube-subscribers och rankas som 38. på den svenska youtuber-rankningen, baserat på antalet totala subscribers per kanal och han tillhör topp 4%. Kanalen har totalt 100 videor och 71333885 visningar.


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# Datum Prenumeranter
38. 10/22 574885
39. 10/21 574830
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# Datum Visningar
102. 10/22 71333885
103. 10/21 71317569

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