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Hi! My name is Krangsi and welcome to my YouTube page. My channel mainly focuses on gaming video in games I play eg. Rust and DayZ. But I tent to upload whatever i feel worth to upload and of course what i enjoy playing. I love to make Rust raiding and pvp videos. That's where my heart is at the moment. I'm always trying to make a good blend of action and humor so it reflects what its actually about. I simply enjoy having fun while playing games. I do 90% of my gaming with friends online so don't expect to many single player games from me. If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see on this channel just leave me a comment. I read every single comment and replies to as many as i can. Did I mention that i live stream here as well? ;) Have a good day.


Krangsi är en svensk youtuber.

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För närvarande har Krangsi cirka has approx. 4876 Youtube-subscribers och rankas som 693. på den svenska youtuber-rankningen, baserat på antalet totala subscribers per kanal och han tillhör topp 79%. Kanalen har totalt 248 videor och 506463 visningar.


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# Datum Prenumeranter
693. 10/22 4876
701. 10/21 4873
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# Datum Visningar
689. 10/22 506463
697. 10/21 506347

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