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This is the home of the original Illuminati Conspiritus series that started in 2009. About me: Since late 2008 I stopped being a sheeple, and started researching the occult and the Illuminati conspiracy and I have been compiling the best info I have found in my research into these documentaries and short videos. I cover rare, occult subjects, subjects that are "taboo" even among many "truthers". Before watching the videos here, I suggest you read up on the documentation written in the book "PAWNS IN THE GAME" by William Guy Carr, you can read it for free online as PDF. Watching the videos here will give you a VERY good understanding of what the Illuminati conspiracy is all about. The goal here is to educate and share this info with as many as possible before it's "too late". If you want to contact me, just PM me here on youtube. Twitter: https://twitter.com/XendriusTV


Xendrius är en svensk youtuber.

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För närvarande har Xendrius cirka has approx. 303019 Youtube-subscribers och rankas som 84. på den svenska youtuber-rankningen, baserat på antalet totala subscribers per kanal och han tillhör topp 10%. Kanalen har totalt 53 videor och 99023666 visningar.


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84. 10/22 303019
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71. 08/12 293489
72. 08/08 292749
73. 05/04 280503
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64. 10/22 99023666
65. 10/21 99017556
55. 08/12 99792280
56. 08/08 99564083
55. 05/04 96673572

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